Why Transmit Joy?

by Mark Binder

I believe that joy is something that we can create in the moment and immediately transmit from one person to another. Joy spreads without being diminished and although it always fades, joy can be recreated with a thought, a memory, or a story.

Start with fun. Add characters, setting, problems and POW! We’re off.

In every performance, there’s a moment—perhaps many moments—when the audience vanishes and the storyteller vanishes, and all that exists is the story.

In that moment, joy is transmitted.

The same is true of a good written story. We become immersed in the world of the narrative. Our experience deepens, and we smile. Even if the story is challenging, there is joy in our ability to share another life with compassion.

As both a writer and storyteller, I have the pleasure of reaching a variety of people across boundaries of age and race, economic circumstances and religious beliefs.

My goal is to delight and enthrall, to challenge and inspire, to amuse and educate and to create a bridge in the moment that connects us all.

That’s all a little abstract, I know. If you really want to get at it, I invite you to read my work and be present at an event.

And enjoy!

– Mark

this_i_believe_riListen to Mark Binder’s NPR “This I believe” about the Power of Story to Transmit Joy.