We got our money’s worth

I am writing to provide a letter of recommendation for Mark Binder. Mr. Binder delivered a storytelling performance and writing workshop at Durgee Junior High School in April of 2011. Additionally, Mr. Binder gave an evening storytelling performance at the Baldwinsville public library.

Mr. Binder’s storytelling performance was humorous and insightful. The boys in the audience were especially drawn to his narratives that often included fantastic sound effects and wonderfully gross descriptions. The hour passed quickly and students were engaged during the entire presentation.

Mr. Binder’s writing workshops provided students with an opportunity to learn a new storytelling process that focused on the idea of reincorporating details to help flush out a story. Students enjoyed the opportunity to collaboratively create a story with their classmates and also utilized part of the workshop to write independently.

I found Mr. Binder to be professional, responsive and flexible. He helped us tailor a day of activities that specifically addressed our building needs and curriculum goals. He devoted the entire school day to our students, only taking a thirty minute break for lunch. Without a doubt, we “got our money’s worth.”

—Lindsay Cesari, School Librarian