The power of joyful voting


Wear your party hat at the polls!

This isn’t a “vote for this candidate…” blog post…
It is, however political, because it’s about the way a society is governed. Enough disclaimer?

Over the past few months, our country has been witnessing the most unusual election in recent history. So many candidates! A blend of diversity and sameness.

And still I meet people who say, “I’m not going to vote. My vote doesn’t matter.” Or “I don’t believe in voting.”

I often tell the story of George Washington and the Cherry Tree, based on the moralistic fiction by Parson Weems. My version is about a young boy who lies, then tells the truth. His father acknowledges that telling the truth is important, but adds, “More importantly, you took responsibility for your actions.”

It may seem that our political process is broken. Depending on which party or candidate you support, the election seems to be either predetermined or fixed. And if you can’t find a candidate who matches up with your political views, then it certainly seems broken.

Go and vote anyway. But wear a party hat — not a political party hat, but a fun one!

If you take the political process seriously, please vote according to your beliefs, but if you don’t, then go crazy.

“Why should I waste my time?” you might ask. “I could be watching Game of Thrones.”

Game of Thrones will wait. Today, you get to celebrate the wonder and absurdity of representative democracy.

And maybe, just maybe, your vote will make a difference.

If not, at least you’ll make someone—not everyone—at the polls smile.