The children (and teachers) laughed at Mark’s humor

st_roccoMark Binder was our guest during Reading Week this school year and the students and teachers were very pleased with Mark’s performance!

Mark presented very well to the children and it showed! The children were attentive to him as they listened and participated in his stories (even the prekindergarten students, for the entire performance!!).

The children (and teachers) laughed at Mark’s humor. Mark tells his stories in such a dramatic and thoughtful way that you can picture the characters and scenes in your mind as he takes you through the story.

I feel that Mark’s performance was a fun learning experience for the children, as it gave them the opportunity to explore storytelling in a different way. Mark didn’t read stories from a book… Mark told and presented his stories, making his own sound effects with accompanying actions.

The children had the opportunity to explore creativity and imagination in storytelling.

Thank you very much, Mark! You added a nice touch to our Reading Week!

I recommend Mark as a very talented storyteller.

–Lori Sweeney, teacher, St. Rocco School, Johnston, RI