The best stories – Summer Tour Notes


“Thank you again for performing at Needham’s Children’s Theater! The kids & parents enjoyed your performance.”

Summer is the best time to tell stories*!

Young people aren’t feeling crushed by school. Parents have a bit more time. Families can share experiences.

Everyone can lose themselves in the adventure of the moment!

This summer I’ve been all over New England in libraries and camps telling stories for early readers, elementary age, middle school, and family audiences. It’s alway striking how the same stories resonate, albeit at different frequencies, with each audience. Jack and the Beanstalk, for example, is something that younger children often have never heard. Older children don’t expect to like it. And parents are taken back to their youth — and get to share the experience with their children. At a recent show, I mentioned Paul Bunyan, and when I learned the kids in the audience hadn’t heard it… I told them the story. (Of course!)

Thanks to everyone who’s helped so far this summer. If you haven’t seen a show, check out the tour calendar — and if you’ve seen me recently, come again. Chances are I’ll tell different stories. I’ve got more than 150 in my repertoire!

*Actually, Winter is a great time to tell stories. Fall too. Spring time is phenomenal! (But never at dusk… 😉