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Transmit Joy! Audio Storybook Teacher’s Tools

Transmit Joy! is a collection of 10 stories—with no illustrations!
All of the pictures are in your mind. We invite you to have your children draw what they see and hear and think. Some of the stories are deliberately ambiguous about what characters look like.

For example, “Is Jody a boy or a girl?” You may wish to point this out to your students, but wait until after they’ve drawn their own conclusions.

We’ve also found that students really like inventing their own Mr. Boring stories!

When you’re done, please send us your favorites!

Letter for Teachers Prior to Visit

I hope that my program is not an interruption, but will be a fun event that supports your teaching.…”
• Mark’s letter to teachers

Seven Tips for Students Writing with a Computer

Here’s an article I wrote that you can distribute to students. It’s a one-page printable PDF. Let me know if you if you have suggestions or additional tips: Eight Tips for Students Writing With Computers

Common Core Standards Connections

Mark’s programs do relate to the Common Core Standards.

Cinderella Spinderella Front CoverCinderella Spinderella

This is a lovely teacher’s guide written Robyn Noble, an inner-city Kindergarten Teacher with more than 20 years experience. It includes Interactive read-aloud techniques, questions to prompt discussion, illustrations for guidance and a bibliography of additional related work.

Note: You will need (and enjoy) a copy.

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Writing Workshop/Instant Story Guides and Setup

  1. Each student and teacher  will need: desk/writing area; writing paper; pen (preferred) or pencil.
  2. Each classroom/event area will need white or chalk board or paper and markers, extra paper, pens, pencils and a sharpener (if there aren’t extra pencils.
  3. Please distribute either the documents or links to this page to all participating teachers. (markbinder.com/teacher-guides/#writing)
A program for All Ages

A program for All Ages

Stories for Peace – Resolving Conflicts/Handling Bullies

These guides accompany either the book or program: Stories for Peace

Eureka Science Stories

School/Event Setup Info

Life in Chelm

Teacher’s Guides

All of these Teacher’s Guides files are printable PDFs.

Not every program currently has a teacher’s guide. Please let us know if you need one developed. (send an email to beth@markbinder.com)

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