Live storytelling that transmits joy

Share an adventure spun from words…

Young or old, when Mark Binder tells stories, everyone listens and enjoys.

A storytelling program is like a music concert with sets of stories, that change and adjust based on the ages of the listeners, the needs of the booking venue, the season, and even the weather.

  • For schools — educational and entertaining enrichment
  • For libraries — encourage literacy and learning
  • For synagogues and churches and community centers — values that bridge boundaries and generations
  • For festivals, theaters and other venues — fun and engaging, challenging and wistful, laughter and chills
  • In Universities and Colleges — stories connect across boundaries and divides; they are an ancient “technology” that entertains and resonates today.

If you’re programming an event, then rest assured that Mark will put together a set of stories that exceeds your needs and pleases your audience.

Any venue

  • Assemblies during school, after school or for evening programs in cafeterias, gyms, auditoriums, classrooms and libraries
  • Small house concerts • Community rooms
  • Libraries • Camps
  • Theaters • Festivals

Any age

 Many themes

  • Tall Tales • Stories for Peace • A Holiday Present (multicultural) • Stories of Kindness and Compassion • Spooky Stories (for Halloween, campfires) • Silly Stories just for Fun • It Ate My Sister (and other family stories)

–>Check out more details on of Mark’s program themes…