It Ate My Sister on a Dark and Stormy Night… Spooky Stories – for Halloween, Campfires and Fun

It was a dark and stormy night audio book cover

dark_stormy_night_300pxWanna jump? Laugh? Feel a shiver up and down your spine?

Mark Binder’s spooky stories are a blend of comedy, tall tale, with a dash of age-appropriate* horror.

In concert as a live performer at schools, festivals, theaters and libraries, Mark captures rooms full of teens, scouts, students, teachers and families and keeps them riveted to their seats. Please click here for more information about how to book an event with Mark Binder

Of course you can also read and hear Mark’s stories in It Ate My Sister and It was a dark and stormy night…

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*Age Appropriate
A note to concerned parents and administrators from Mark about the destinction between written and recorded and “live” stories:

“When I tell stories in-person to groups, I really judge the appropriateness of the story to the age of the group. I have little kids, and I don’t really want them coming home afraid to go to sleep. I also give plenty of warning on the creepier ones for parents who might have jittery youngsters.

“If you don’t like the cover for your kids, don’t buy the book or audio, but the books and audio recordings are so much fun that you’ll borrow them from your kids, or just keep them for yourselves…”