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Audio and Gross and FREE


David Kovar’s little sister called her cat Mr. Cuddles, but the rest of us called it Crusty. (Those kids in Stranger Things had nothing on us.)

Every year I tell stories at the Hale Reservation Day Camp. The kids there have heard everything! Sometimes, I conceive something new (and usually diabolical).

My thinking was this: What’s something that can be creepy, gross, disgusting, and a little bit scary but not toooverly terrifying? In 2016, that story was “The Zombie Cat.”

Zombies are fun. Adults like Zombie stories because we’re allowed to kill zombies without any sense of remorse—they’re already dead. (Unless, of course the zombie used to be your sister, which is a horrible can of worms. Heh.)

The campers were riveted. I even recorded it! Yaaay! Except the audio recording got wiped when my phone crashed. The next time I tried to tell the story it crashed again. I wrote it down in detail, and lost the files. Three times!

Finally, however, I’ve managed to write and record an “audio book” version. It’s 23 minutes long and far more detailed than most of my spoken stories. And it’s fun.

Spooky Comedy Album for $5

Driving (again) on my way to a campfire performance, I wanted to revisit some old stories, so I popped in the CD of It was a dark and stormy night…. Wow! I impressed myself. (Which isn’t easy to do, because I’m really quite critical.)

Even though this live audiobook/storytelling album was released in 2010, it feels fresh and current. Corrupt politicians… Check. Giant slugs… Check. Vampires… Monkey’s Paw… Even Harry Potter!

If you want to pay $9.99 or get a CD, you can buy this on iTunes or Amazon Audio or Google Play Music or CD Baby (click those links). Or you can spend $5 and get it right now!

New and Scarce Book!

The home of H.P. Lovecraft and haunted by Edgar Allen Poe, Rhode Island has long been a nexus of horror.
What lurks under the streets of Providence? What is swimming up Narragansett Bay? What do you do with a corpse?

Tales of poisoned food, history and politics. Limited edition volume of three stories: The Vampire Clams of Narragansett Bay, Old Scratch Nickels, The Old One.

NOT available on Amazon!

All these items are age inappropriate.
Yes, I’ve told The Zombie Cat to little kids. It was at camp. You can get away with that sort of thing.
“It was a dark…” was recorded live at two middle schools, and includes a Monty-Python version of The Monkey’s paw….
“A Dead Politician” was written for adults and older kids. “The Vampire Clams of Narragansett Bay”  is a really twisted story.
In other words, use your judgement.