Sneem! Audible! PVDFest!

sneem_logoThis just in, I’ve been booked to perform at the Sneem Storytelling Festival from November 11-13 in Sneem, Ireland! It’s going to be part of the European (and post-Brexit UK) tour! More as that develops

mark_binder_photo_by_sheryl_kopel_pvdfest_loopingEarly June we had a great day at #PVDFest. Here’s a nifty animated GIF from photos taken by the amazing Sheryl Kopel.

Also this week… Wrapped up the special extras for the edition of the Transmit Joy! awesome (audio) storybook. The CD and MP3 editions are available for friends and fans now at Official release on Audible, iTunes and in Stores is for the fall.

Here’s a shot of the CD on the wall of the Studio, and a selfie with Grammy-winning recording engineer, musician and composer extraordinaire George Dussault of Galilee Productions. Thanks George!

DSC_0200 DSC_0196