It Ate My Sister (and other family stories)

It Ate My Sister Book Cover

Is that “true?”

I get asked that question alot. I like to answer by saying that all of my stories are true, and some of them really happened…

The book It Ate My Sister is “the 100% true autobiography of an award-winning writer and professional liar.

The performance It Ate My Sister is a live version of many of the stories from the book.

The Book

The Comedy Storytelling Program

Available in print and for Kindle on Amazon.Com

for schools, libraries, theaters and folk with a sense of humor

Comedy Storytelling at its finest. These are “true” stories retold by the author.
Optional time for questions and answers.

Ages 9 and up and adults with a sense of humor

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How can I book a live performance of “It Ate My Sister”?

Email Beth Hellman  or call (401) 272-8707

Stories include:

  • It Ate My Sister
  • The PI Kid
  • My Grandfather’s Turkey
  • The Bully and the Shrimp
  • Runninghead
  • Middleduction
  • Where There’s Smoke
  • The Tale of Bad Breath Bill
  • The Haunted Playground
  • Abu Hassan’s Mighty Wind
  • Ellen vs. the Snakes