Writer and storyteller in schools

“Mark was super easy to work with. He was well prepared and the students were truly engaged in his stories!”
— Northern Lincoln Elementary

When Mark Binder visits, everyone listens and learns.

As a writer, Mark provides students with the face-to-face author experience that they crave. They are able to ask questions and get answers about the processes of writing, editing, book production and storytelling. He has written and published work for all ages, from PK-5, 6-8, and adults.Mark Binder

As a storyteller, Mark knows how to keep the listeners engaged. He recognizes that different groups have different needs and adjusts his programs to suit.

As a parent, Mark realizes that young people get a lot of video and computer input, but fewer experiences of literature and performance face to face. He relishes the opportunity to expand their horizons and surprise them with the delight that can be found in the written and spoken word.

As a teacher, Mark knows that youngsters need encouragement, permission, and to know that it takes work to accomplish worthwhile tasks. During his presentations, he frequently gives mini-talks in creativity, story structure and editing of materials.

As a frugal taxpayer, Mark promises that his programs will be worth every penny. He offers a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied.

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In an era of tight budgets, we want to assure you that Mark’s programs are 100% worthwhile. We offer a money-back guarantee. We do offer discounts on block bookings, and can help with grant writing and funding possibilities. Skype/Video visits can also offer a lower-cost pathway for Mark to visit your classroom.