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Mark Binder "I collected a jar full of slugs…" (photo by Paul Porter) Click image for high res.

Mark Binder “That night, I collected a jar full of slugs…” (photo by Paul Porter)

Author, storyteller, nice guy…


The Having Fun Bio

Mark Binder turns words into adventures. He tells stories, spins lies, and writes books that capture the imagination, bringing together people of all ages. In the space of an hour you will meet large giants and small heroes. You’ll hear animals talk and slugs scream. You’ll laugh, gasp, guffaw and clap. Even teenagers will listen!

The Brief Semi-Official Bio

Mark Binder is a writer and performing storyteller who has produced more than 20 books and audio books for families, children and adults. He is Columbia University graduate, where he majored in mythology and studied autobiographical storytelling with Spalding Gray (and got kicked out of class for lying). Mark’s goal is to transmit joy with story for multiple generations.He has just returned from his first international tour with stops in London, Paris, Dublin, and Sneem. He lives in Providence with his wife and family.  Learn more at and twitter @transmitjoy

A longer, slightly more poetic, yet still official Bio

Mark Binder* likes baking bread and pizza. He loves reading and writing, swimming under water, dining well, breathing deeply, battling the forces of darkness, creating cool projects, having great adventures and telling lies about them. He lives in Providence with his wife, children and friends, and has a sneaking feeling that you’re reading this over his shoulder.

Mark transmits joy with story. He is the author of more than twenty books and audio books for children, families and adults. Since 2000, he has performed before more than 185,000 listeners of all ages in more than 1,200 performances.

Mark graduated from Columbia University, where he studied mythology with T.E. Gaster and Storytelling with Spalding Gray. He holds an MA in English and Theater from the Trinity Rep Conservatory and Rhode Island College. He has studied yoga, contemporary dance, Decroux-style mime, and holds a third degree black belt in Aikido, the martial art for peace. He has taught an undergraduate course in “Telling Lies” at the Rhode Island School of Design, where he was nominated for the John R. Frazier Award for Excellence in Teaching.

*Yes, that’s his real name!

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The FAQ Bio

Mark Binder -- Author!How did you start performing and telling stories?
I’d already been writing for more than a decade. A friend invited me to a storytelling group that met on Tuesdays.  I was  working on my novel, The Brothers Schlemiel, and I would read them excerpts. They suggested that I try “telling” instead. At first I thought, “eh, what’s the big deal.” When I finally did I fell in love. It turned out that my Bed Time Story Book collection and Trinity Rep Conservatory training gave me both a huge repertoire and all the tools I needed. In my live events and spoken-word albums, I try to be immediate — so it’s not old-fashioned or dated.  If you’ve never seen one of my “comedy story concerts,” listen to the audio, check out the videos and come and see me on tour.

What age group do you target? What genre do you tell?
I hesitate to answer, “All of them.” But it’s true. I love telling and writing stories and books for all ages: senior citizens to preschoolers, families to teens, elementary, middle, high school and college.

My work includes  tall tales, classics, original autobiographical lies, stories for peace, stories of Chelm, holiday tales, math stories, science stories…

If you don’t see a story or theme on my list, let me know and I’ll write or find one for you.

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Works by Mark Binder include…cover_montage

Books, Audio Books and ebooks
Transmit Joy! an awesome (audio) storybook (2016)
Every Hero Has a Story (2015)
Cinderella Spinderella (2014)
The Brothers Schlemiel (unabridged 2013)
Genies, Giants and a Walrus (2012)
Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions (2012)
The Buddha Who Wore Keds (2012)
Stories for Peace (2011)
A Holiday Present (audio 2010)
It Was a Dark and Stormy Night… (audio 2010)
Matzah Mishugas (2009)
Ragnarok (2009)
The Bed Time Story Book (2008)
It Ate My Sister (September, 2008)
The Brothers Schlemiel (abridged, 2008)
A Hanukkah Present (*Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature* 2007)
A Hanukkah Present (audio 2005)
Classic Stories for Boys and Girls (audio 2004)
Tall Tales, Whoppers and Lies (audio 2003)
The Brothers Schlemiel from Birth to Bar Mitzvah (audio 2001)
The Everything Bedtime Story Book (2001)
Crumbs Don’t Count — The Rationalization Diet (1994)

More than 200 original short stories published in magazines, newspapers and websites including Cricket, The Forward, The Family, Bostonia, Conjure, and Pizza Today .

Awards and Grants include…
Cinderella Spinderella: Kickstarter funding; RISCA Project Grant, Digital Book Award Finalist, QED Award, Mom’s Choice Silver, Benjamin Franklin Silver
A Hanukkah Present: Finalist/Runner-Up National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature
A Hanukkah Present (audio) Storytelling World Honor Award
Classic Stories for Boys and Girls: Children’s Music Web Award,  iParenting Media Award
US Department of Education Grant to Train School Librarians
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Literature
RI Department of Education Innovative Project Grant