Politics and Storytelling

No more lives down the drain

No more lives down the drain

By and large, I avoid anything political during my programs.
I am passionate about many causes, but I know that most organizations prefer to take neutral position.
So in my work, I am often silent—unless I am asked to address an issue. I put this caveat in because I do like to work and prefer not to be blacklisted for believing in the power of peace.

Today, however, I mourn the acts of 9/11 and spiral of violence that has been perpetuated in its wake.

How can we change the future if we can not tell the stories of today with honesty?

While I do not believe that it is today possible to eliminate weapons, I do believe that we must relearn our approach to revenge and retribution. Isolationism is not an answer, but neither is wanton war.

The wars we participated in continue. Thousands upon thousands of refugees are fleeing war zones that we helped to create. There is no one right answer to these challenges, except perhaps to expand the definition of “we” to include all of “them.”

Because, to paraphrase the words of Bill, “Why would we fight with ourselves?”

This song by Joyce Katzberg says it all in the title, and is beautiful to hear.
Please give it a listen—Not Another Mother’s Son