Stories for Peace – resolving conflicts, handling bullies

Mark was terrific. He was engaging and funny. The topic I asked him to cover was Social and Racial Justice. This could have been too heavy and/or too dark, but it wasn’t. Through stories and some discussion he provided thoughtful ways to broach and share this potentially difficult topic in a way that really worked! The group was a mixed age intergenerational congregation. The feedback from our parishioners was positive and the kids liked it too!    — Becky Honan, St. John’s Episcopal Church

How can we help children, families and adults resolve conflicts?

These are stories that teach peace, inspire harmony and transmit the joy of communication.
This is a thoughtful program for all ages about how we can live and make changes in our world.

Stories for Peace and Resolving Conflict

Stories for Peace and Resolving Conflict

Participants learn possibilities for handling bullies, and options for negotiating peace, peace through laughter, the power of peace, and peace of mind. The program also includes powerful demonstrations that can enable students to create peace in their own homes and communities.

45 to 60 minute program for schools, libraries, religious groups and community centers that are are age-adjusted and are appropriate for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 as well as adults and mixed family groups.

“With our older students, he focused on stories from his newest collection, Stories for Peace, and these were a big crowd-pleaser. Our student council has focused their efforts for the past two years on anti-bullying programs, and Mark’s signature story, “The Bully and the Shrimp,” has become a school-wide favorite. The fact that both the bully and the bullied in that story end up reaching out to each other in friendship truly brought home the message we’ve been trying to articulate to our students. Mark’s storytelling and writing made the concepts come alive for everyone.”
—Liverpool Elementary School