Silly Stories (Omakase)

Silly and Comedy stories from many cultures.

Enjoy tales from around the world that will make you laugh. Award-winning author Mark Binder has prepared a selection of fine and funny fables and yarns for listeners of all ages.

What stories do you need to hear? The Japanese principal of Omakase is what happens when you sit at a sushi bar and tell the chef, “Serve me what I need.” Asian, African, European and American themes. Sunny day, rainy day, fidgety day? Different stories.

As an author, Mark encourages reading. As a story performer, he holds your attention. Mark will deliver freshly prepared stories (and songs) from his huge repertoire of nearly 200 original and traditional pieces. Each 45 minute program can be targeted for older, younger, and all ages.

Mark Binder’s most recent book is “Stories for Peace” a book about resolving conflicts. He has received awards for his many books and audio recordings, including “Classic Stories for Boys and Girls” and “It Ate My Sister.”

FAQ for Libraries

Is this program appropriate for summer reading events? You bet!

What ages is this program for?
It can be targeted for any age group: Families, Young (PreK-K), Elementary, Middle, High Schools and Seniors.

What happens if we advertise for an older crowd and a younger crowd shows up?
Mark will tell stories that are appropriate for the group who are in the room.

Are there samples somewhere we can watch?

Can you give us an example of some of the stories that you tell for Omakase?

Because this program depends on the ages of the audience, the location of the event, the season of the year and even the weather, it’s very difficult to predict in advance the specific stories. Following is a possible list…

  • The 25¢ Pickle (Urban)
  • The Elephant and the Ant (Folktale from India)
  • The Rabbit and the Princess (African folktale)
  • The Fools of Chelm (Eastern European-based)
  • Abu Ali and the Donkeys (Middle Eastern)
  • The Boy Who Hated Pizza (Contemporary American)
  • And many many more!

Mark does take requests… And he offers many other programs as well, including “The Art of Peace”, “It Ate My Sister,” “Tall Tales” and “Silly Stories”

Brief Recap

Who is this program for? Libraries, Schools, Preschools, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Community Centers, Theaters and Festivals.

This program is appropriate for any and all ages.

What size audience does this work for? 20 to 200 to 2,000.

How can I book “Omakase”?

Email Beth Hellman
or call 401-272-8707

Hurry, the calendar is filling quickly!