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World Tour is a Done! Next stop… Kalamazoo! Dates and locations on Tour Calendar)


Newly Available Works for Free and for Sale

October 24, 2016 Update

  • The world tour is happening with stops in London, Paris, Dublin, and Sneem Ireland
  • The Transmit Joy Audio Storybook won the Parents’ Choice Gold for Audio Storytelling
  • Light Publications released a limited-edition book called “A Dead Politician, An Undead Clam, and An Ancient Horror.” Get it here
  • Started the Grand Stories project
  • Wrote, Edited and recorded “The Zombie Cat” Get it here
  • More…? Really?
  • Working on new projects for 2017 and beyond!

April 14, 2016 update

  • Planning national and international tour dates
    • First festival booking for 2017 in Kalamazoo!
    • Second festival booking: Fall River Summer Storytelling Series
    • Third Festival: National Storytelling Network/Kansas City Fringe Festival!
  • Experimenting with new office audio studio for future audio book projects
  • Finished work on album! Retitled: Transmit Joy! an awesome (audio) storybook. Scheduled release, September 16, 2016
    • Beginning marketing and promotion plan

  • Contemplating next steps for middle grade books
    • The Stink Bomb War
    • Andy Collins and the White Oak Paddle
    • Just Andy
  • Still… STILL…Formulating the next step for the “Once Upon… The End!” Project.
    Subtitled “a very long story in very short chapters for very small people”
    Is it going to be a book? Audio? Book and audio? Audio play with cast? App? Illustrated?

Transmit Joy! an awesome (audio) storybook - front coverFebruary, 2016 Update

  • Completed work on “Transmit Joy!” Audio Storybook!

December 10, 2015 Update

  • Two more gigs in 2015. Going to try and video them and see what happens.
  • Working on national and international tour promotion.
    • Just penciled in first gig… more to come!
  • STILL…Working on editing and polishing new album, “Awesome Stories for Early Readers.”
  •  Pop-Up Shop at Hope Artiste Village Winter Farmer’s Market

November 20, 2015 Update

  • DONE Going into the recording studio to work on new album, “Awesome Stories for Early Readers.”
  • DONE Finishing reading/review of The Bed Time Story Book 15th Anniversary edition for early release in 2016.
  • DONE Prepping for mini-tour of Wethersfield, CT
  • DONE Looking forward to baking pecan pies for Thanksgiving.