Sharon Johnston, Cultural Art Chairperson, Norwood School

norwood_schoolWe had an excellent Cultural arts program today, Mark Binder great storyteller, and author! He is a local author from Providence, RI. We now have his books available in our school library for the children to enjoy. He has published many books, It ate my sister, and Cinderella Spinderella.

He had everyone’s attention! The children and teachers really enjoyed his many different character voices! He had the children’s imaginations running wild, they felt like they were in the story when he talked about the amusement park story!

If you are a teacher, or a member of a PTA, or PTO send me a message and I can get you his contact information! Having a room filled with laughter, and smiles, you know you have an excellent author. He even spoke to the children about always wanting to read! What a great way to start off reading week!!

I actually had a chance to speak to many of the children the following day and they still were talking about how they really enjoyed the storyteller and author and some were even remembering the stories he told and read and repeated some of their favorite parts.

If you need a storyteller or author look no further! Mark Binder is the man for you!

Sharon Johnston
Cultural art chairperson
Norwood School
Warwick, RI