The Original "Jack" – Three Ways

jack_bean_henWhile Hollywood has trotted out the blockbuster, Jack the Giant Killer I wanted to point you to some more and less traditional versions of this favorite story

  • Jack and the Beanstalk on iTunes This studio recording fromClassic Stories for Boys and Girls was done early in my career. There’s no audience participation, but the recording is very clean.
  • Jack and the Christmas Tree on iTunes A winter-time version onA Holiday Present is live and lively, but as I say in the beginning, “It wasn’t a beanstalk…” The story works remarkably well with the transpositions.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk in The Bed Time Story Book: The most traditional version, ” Many years ago, in the reign of Good King Alfred, lived a widow who had a young son named Jack…

I’ve been telling Jack and the Beanstalk for as long as I’ve been telling stories (about 13 years now). It’s one of my favorites because it connects with every single age group—from preschool through high school (and beyond).

I’ve recorded Jack twice, and both times were very different from the written version. Please feel free to use these versions in your classrooms to compare, contrast and discuss.