It Ate My Sister

It Ate My Sister Book Cover

It Ate My Sister Book Cover

Autobiographical Fiction. Written for avid readers and adults with a sense of humor.

Kids often ask, “What’s your favorite book?” I sigh and say, “That’s like asking, ‘Which of your kids do you like best?'”

The truth is that “It Ate My Sister” is one of my favorite stories to tell and retell. The first version was funded by a US Department of Education grant to model “Science Stories” for elementary school librarians. Yes, there’s science, but there’s also a gross slimy monster. Which makes it alot of fun.

I encourage you to buy the book or ebook after you listen to the audio. It’s fun (and interesting) to compare the written to the spoken… You’ll also enjoy downloading the comedy audio album, “It was a dark and stormy night…” from iTunes or Amazon…