Interactive Performance/Workshop and Signing at Bank St. Books, November 29 at 4pm

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Author to Share Interactive Performance/Workshop and
Book Signing at Bank Street Books

Thursday, 11/29/2012 at 4pm: Interactive Performance/Workshop and Book Signing at Bank Street Bookstore,  610 West 112th Street,  New York,  NY

Award-winning author and professional storyteller, Mark Binder, will share an interactive performance/workshop, tell stories and sign books and CDs at the Bank Street Bookstore on Thursday, November 29 at 4pm.

“We’ll be making up a story on the spot,” Binder said,  learning a multicultural holiday song, hearing more stories — and having a lot of fun.”

As a bonus: The first fifty families who sign up and attend will also receive a free copy of Binder’s spoken-word story album, “A Holiday Present!”

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The 2012 tour celebrates the release of the two latest volumes in Binder’s bestselling “Bed Time Story” series.

  • Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions holds 28 Fabulous Tales for Young readers grades K-2. Modern takes on traditional and original stories from Aesop, Anderson and Americana.
  • Genies, Giants and a Walrus includes 21 Fun, Fantastic and Exciting Adventures from around the world for grades 3-5 and up. Stories from The Arabian Nights, Grimm and Norse Mythology, plus a few surprises.

“My children were getting older, and it was time to give them something more challenging to read,” Binder said. “These are some of my favorite tales, grouped by age and ability.”

Binder’s other work includes, It Ate My Sister (autobiographical fiction), and A Hanukkah Present (12 tales for Eight Nights).

“Storytelling is a way to connect generations in a shared experience,” Binder said. “I love transmitting joy through stories in a way that everyone in the room laughs and appreciates.”

Mark’s books, ebooks, CDs and audio story downloads are available at Bank Street Bookstore and on, itunes, ibooks, android and nook.

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“A long time ago, I got stuck in an elevator with seven four year-olds. After ten minutes of shouting through a broken intercom, it was clear we were going to be there for a while. No place to run, no place to hide. No place to go pee. That’s when I realized I’d better start telling stories. Fast.”
– Mark Binder

Mark Binder is a professional author and storyteller. He is the founder of the American Story Theater. He teaches “Telling Lies” to undergraduates at the Rhode Island School of Design.