Gumroad FAQ

Last updated 1/21/16

First off, thanks so much for buying, reading and listening to my work. For the latest version of this FAQ, click here.

gumroad-logo-bigLegalese: This bundle is copyright 2016 by Mark Binder. All Rights Reserved. Works within each bundle may have more detailed copyrights.

Permissions: You have permission to use this material for your personal use on your personal devices. You do not have permission to copy, duplicate, repost, steal, or resell these materials. If you have received this material illegally, please purchase a copy. This is how we make our livings.

Teachers, you have permission to use this work in schools.

Storytellers, you have the rights to use and adapt these stories in performance, with attribution.

Other artists, members of the media, entertainment industry (radio, TV, Film) or other interested parties may email for further rights.

The reason I’ve chosen Gumroad to distribute at this time is that you’ll have immediate access to ebooks and audio (and the occasional video) online, in an app, and to download.

You can download every ebook and audio file to your computer, watch them on any compatible device, and save them forever! The easiest and best way to do this is through either your purchase email or buy creating and logging into a Gumroad account ON YOUR COMPUTER. This makes sense, right? Click the download button and save it somewhere safe. Now you’ll own the files for your personal use. Forever and ever!

Got an old Kindle? the .mobi files will work. An old iPod? the MP3s will too!

All my ebooks and audio are 100% backward compatible for all existing and future electronic

So, what the heck did you buy and how can you use it?

  • Use the email you received to download the files directly to your computer.
  • Use the Gumroad App for iPhone and iPad in the App Store or for Android in the Google Play Store
  • Listen to audio through the apps (above) or by downloading onto your computer/phone/tablet and using whatever player you like.
  • Reading ebooks is easy — ish
    • You can read the ePub ebooks on your phone or tablet with the Gumroad Android and Apple App. (Note: The android app doesn’t work as well as the one for Apple.”
    • Kindle ebooks end in .mobi and can be uploaded  to any Kindle or the free Kindle app. If you’re on an iPad, you can download the kindle ebook and then open it in the Kindle app.
    • You can also download the Kindle or ePub ebooks onto your computer and move them