From Many, One – stories to create a more perfect union

E Pluribus Unim - the Back of the US PennyDemocracy, diversity and heroism/ American inclusive stories

To many it seems that our nation is deeply divided, yet there is a story deeply embedded in our history that we’ve forgotten: E Pluribus Unum—From Many, One. America is a land of strangers who have come together to create an inspiring future. There are conflicts and many problems, yet they can be encompassed and corrected as “We the people” work to create a more perfect union.

From Many, One is a collection of programs for adults, families and grades K-3, 3-5, and 6-12. With humor and heart, it transmits the message found on every single penny, nickel, dime and quarter, and the Great Seal of America — that our nation is stronger for our diversity.

Please let us know what stories your community needs to hear.
Possible stories include…*

  • George Washington and the Cherry Tree – beyond simply telling the truth… a story about taking responsibility
  • Stone Soup at Valley Forge – a tale of a black soldier in the Continental Army
  • Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott – the power of an ordinary person
  • The Bully and the Shrimp – resolving conflict with compassion
  • The Short Tale of Erika P Spunk – the first female American folk hero
  • The Little Wolf Cub – when we work together, there’s always enough for everyone
  • Chiri Bim – the healing power of song
  • The Seven Brothers and Sisters – a family comes together

*Sets will vary based on the age range of the listeners

A Note from Mark

“Yes, this program is political, and not in any divisive or partisan sense. These stories inspire, teach and model future behavior. Storytelling brings people together across age and economic, social and racial barriers. In a powerful and shared experience, listeners unite and come away with strength that can transform the present and shape the future.”
—Mark Binder, 2018