Eureka! Workshops and Science and Math Stories

Note: The Eureka Stories Programs are presented by special arrangement only. If you’re interested, please call us at (401) 272-8707.

Eureka! Breakthrough Workshop for Educators

How can telling and listening to stories change the way your students learn? This workshop trains teachers on the basics of the Eureka! process.

Developing Eureka! Stories — Teacher Workshop

You want to use stories in your classroom, but don’t know how. This practical workshop will teach you how to develop and hone your own Eureka! Stories. Click here for the guide

Eureka! Math for Adult Learners

Uses stories to inspire GED students to break through math issues. Specific work on math and test anxiety.

Eureka! Relieving Math Anxiety and Increasing Productivity

Part of this program combats the anxiety that many people feel about Mathematics (without adding to it) and the other part addresses important issues of accomplishment and Getting Things Done. (For Middle and High School)

Eureka! Math and Science for Elementary Students

Math stories that engage, entertain and educate elementary school audiences.

Click here for the Math Teachers Guide
Click here for the Science Teachers Guide

Eureka! Storytelling, Reading and Literacy for Parents, Teachers and Students

There is a direct relationship between listening and understanding. Storytelling and reading aloud are often the first bridges toward verbal comprehension. These programs are designed for students, teachers and parents to both entertain, and educate with storytelling and story reading techniques.

Click here for article about reading and telling stories with children

Telling Eureka! Stories Workshop– Middle and High School

Students can write and tell their own stories, too. This workshop teaches elements of story structure, polishing, and presentation.

The Eureka! Programs were created with funding from Rhode Island State Department of Education Innovative Project Grants, and further develop with United States Department of Education Librarian Science Training funds.

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