Tiogue Elementary School, Coventry, RI

“I’ve never sat that still before,”
—Abigail, 5th Grade

“She’s never sat that still before! That told me that they enjoyed it.They absolutely loved all the sound bites you put in there. That was a lot about voice and storytelling, which was an important piece of what we try to do in fifth grade.”
—Sue Flynn, Fifth Grade Teacher

“We wanted to let you know that we all enjoyed your presentation to our students today.  The students were very engaged throughout your storytelling.  Your connection to their work as emerging young writers was important in validating the process of effective and successful writing.  We appreciated your enthusiastic delivery of your work and personal stories.  We are also looking forward to sharing more stories from your latest book around bullying.  Your mix of songs and storytelling makes the experience memorable and lively!  Thank you again for sharing your talents and expertise in writing with all of us at Tiogue.  Who knows – you may have inspired some competition today!! ”
—Louise Seitsinger, Principal