What I promise to deliver in schools

Awesomely engaging and educational events…

Students love assemblies. They “get out of class”, and are hooked in a completely atypical way.

Whether I’m leading a workshop or giving a storytelling “concert” or presenting an author visit, my goal is to excite the students, capture their attention, and teach them the power of story.

My school programs deliver…

  • Education that is engaging
    Yes, students will have fun. I promise. They will also learn.
    Author Visits include mini lessons on the process of writing and revision. Thematic story programs like Cinderella Spinderella or A Holiday Present teach lessons of diversity and acceptance. Stories for Peace gives examples and exercises for resolving conflicts. My Writing Workshops teach both skills and ways of thinking about story.
    And, of course, everything I do in schools relates to (and enriches) Common Core Standards.
    Even a “Silly Stories” program teaches the connection between listening, imagination and language.
  • Assemblies and Workshops that are adjusted by age and school needs
    Middle school, high school, elementary, preschool: my stories reach all ages. If you have a specific request for a story, theme, lesson or focus, let me know. I have a repertoire of more than 150 stories and songs, and will be glad to write one for you! I also have 30 years of writing and 15 years of in-school experience adapting my programs to meet the needs of your group.
    Some schools ask for classroom or single-grade programs. Others prefer combining multiple grades into larger assemblies. Many schools request  different programs, like storytelling for younger groups and a writing workshop for an older group on the same day, and save money at the same time! If there’s an emergency, and we need to adjust the day’s schedule, it’s not a problem.
  • Kids_29CTeachers can participate
    I always invite teachers to ask “leading” questions, because I don’t know what your students need to hear about the process of writing, story creation or how they need to be inspired around reading. There are links to the common core and teacher’s guides for many  programs, and I’m happy to meet with or talk to teachers before, during the day, or after. (You can even send me an email now: mark@transmitjoy.com.)
    Best of all, teachers will share their students’ excitement,  enjoy the stories, and return to the classroom excited.
  • Programs that exceed expectations
    Schools often believe that hiring the same person two years in a row will be repetitive, but many schools bring my programs back again and again. Each visit is unique, with new stories (unless requests are made), different programs, and increased student involvement because they remember, “Hey! You’re the author who was here last year!”
  • High Tech and Face-to-Face that works
    I have several sound systems that ensure that everyone in any room can hear the program. I am proficient with Skype-style video classroom visits for schools with limited time and budgets.
  • 5KS2_WATERMAN_1Human stories that are relevant—with joy!
    My programs frequently start with a new twist on a familiar story that kickstarts the listening process.
    At the moment listeners’ attentions are captured, the room vanishes and the story lives and breathes. The power of a direct performance is tangible.
    In the Internet era, there is unlimited access to “content” and information. While today’s students have unparalleled resources for research, they are frequently limited in their face-to-face contact with the arts and literature.
    My author and storyteller visits put an inspiring human face on the value of reading, writing and storytelling.

Have any questions? I’m open to suggestions, too…

Please call us at (401) 272-8707 or drop me an email mark@transmitjoy.com

– Mark Binder

P.S. We know, and studies have shown, that arts programs in schools enrich education, and that it’s important to find time to squeeze them in. (see NEA: Arts and Human Development.)