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Mark travels all over the world… He’ll come to you!

3How to Schedule a Program

  1. Look at your calendar
  2. Are you planning a single event, half day (2 events), full day (3-4) events and/or evening event?
  3. What program(s) are you interested in?
    Mark can do a variety of programs at one location on the same day.
  4. Contact us!

Need references?

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To confirm prices and available dates

Please contact Beth Hellman or call (401) 272-8707.

Want a quick quote?

Please contact us. We keep costs reasonable, but fees vary depending on your needs.

In an era of tight budgets, we want to assure you that Mark’s programs are 100% worthwhile. We offer a money-back guarantee. We do offer discounts on block bookings, and can help with grant writing and funding possibilities. Skype/Video visits can also offer a lower-cost pathway for Mark to visit your classroom.

Call the office or send a note to Mark:

Mark Binder
Pembroke Villa
PO Box 2462
Providence, RI 02906
Instagram: @markbinderbooks
Facebook: transmitjoy • Twitter: @Barkminder
Mark’s complete home page:

Press and Media

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Event Fees

School Programs
Fees vary based on distance traveled, size of the school, and economic need. Most programs cost between $1-$3/student*.

Festivals, Theaters, Libraries, Camps, Senior Centers and others…
Rates* are reasonable, based on community demographics.

Booking for schools, libraries, camps and community centers… theaters and festivals

Beth Hellman or call (401) 272-8707.
*NEST Touring Roster/Matching Funds possible
*Discounts for multiple days/ in-area block bookings

More Event Booking Details

Mark Binder travels the world, presenting talks, author visits, writing workshops, spoken word story concerts and events, including programs for…

Advance Book orders for schools

Please visit the School Advance Book Order Page

POSITION OPENING: In the near future, Beth Hellman will be moving on to other projects. She will continue to work with Mark until a replacement is found, but we are currently looking for a new booking agent. Please email if you are interested, or know someone who might be.