Libraries, Camps, Churches, Synagogues and more

“Engaging original and traditional tales for listeners of all ages!”

Mark tells stories in a variety of settings—camps, libraries, beaches…  Catholic schools and Conservative synagogues… senior centers, preschools and community centers.

Mark’s stories connect young and old with laughter, joy and inspiration. School children, families, adults, seniors and even teens laugh and listen.


As an author and a storyteller, Mark’s energetic programs combine reading and storytelling

Around the turn of the century* he began telling his stories in libraries around New England. In those days, the crowds were older, with elementary school children, and even middle schoolers mixed in with the youngsters.

Times change, and so Mark’s programs for libraries adapt to whatever age mix shows up on the day of the program.

Librarians can choose from Summer Reading Programs to Seasonal Stories to many other focused programs like “Stories for Peace” or “A Holiday Present.” Mark will even design a program just for you!

*Sounds like a long time ago, but it wasn’t really…


Whether or not there’s a campfire, campers (and counselors) enjoy listening to Mark’s stories.

  • Kids in camp… listen and laugh.Age-adusted and appropriate
  • Fun and funny
  • Occassionally spooky
  • Perfect for overnights, day camps, scouts and campfires
  • Two sound systems: one Bose and one battery-powered for any location

Other communities…

A Holiday Present is a collection of seven multicultural stories for diverse communities. Click here for more info.

Author and storyteller talks include readings, storytelling and question/answers. Very engaging. Very entertaining.

Stories for Peace asks the question, “How can we resolve conflict?” It is popular at churches and synagogues for both congregations and religious schools. For more information, please click here.

chelm-houseLife in Chelm stories are appropriate for all ages. They offer humorous takes on a Jewish village of fools, and have been popular with Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Chabad, Unaffiliated, and Blended communities… 

Stories and essays about resolving conflict and handling bullies

Looking for something else? Mark is happy to construct a thematic program, just for you. Please email email Beth Hellman