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Stories aren’t just for little kids…

Mark Binder’s performances and workshops capture and hold the attention of college and university students. They simultaneously recapture the joy of childhood without loosing the edge of adulthood.
Appropriate for auditorium, lecture hall or classroom.

A student of Spalding Gray, Mark has toured the world as a performer and taught writing and storytelling for more than 20 years. His course “Telling Lies” was nominated for the James Frazier award for teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Stories connect people viscerally. They adapt to the audience, the room and the moment of the day. A great story lives in the space between the teller and the listener.

—Mark Binder


The Bark Minder Project
Once I met the ghost of Charlie Parker… Or maybe the time my friends busted out in a Bollywood dance number at a rave…
– a 60 minute performance with variety and an edge.

Stories for Peace – resolving conflicts / handling bullies
Part performance part workshop.
Based on more than 20 years experience in the martial arts, Mark has developed a (nonviolent!) series of stories, exercises and conversations that help people understand the source of conflict, and ways to resolve them. – 60 to 90 minutes

Life in Chelm – Original Jewish Folktales from the Village of Fools
Mark’s Chelm stories have been published in The Forward and newspapers around the world. Performed live, the program adjusts based on the season.
– 60 minute, with music.


Writing/Storytelling Workshop
How can students unlock creativity and shape narrative?
Mark Binder teaches a method that produces amazing results in an incredibly short period of time.
“His writing and story making workshops are truly revolutionary. In less than two hours, he can teach a methodology for creating whole stories, and call the students to actually write and tell their own tales.” 90 minute workshop

Classic and Modern: storytelling for the 21st century
Creating and reframing stories for today. How do we reclaim or build stories that resonate now?
90 minute workshop

Not your typical vampire story
A Story for Peace and a Tale of Chelm (two for one!)