Classic Stories for Boys and Girls – Audio Book

Classic Stories Audio Book Cover

Classic Stories Audio Book Cover

Classic CDs for Boys and Girls

Favorite Bedtime Stories for Families. You’ve heard some of them before, some are new, and you’ll gladly listen to them all again — and again (without getting bored!).

Winner of iParenting Media Award and Children’s Music Web Award!

“Storyteller Binder shines in this collection that contains favorite folktales and a handful of originals. Armed with a soothing voice and a gift for humor–both broad and subtle–Binder captivates…”
—Reviewed in Publishers Weekly

Stories: Three Little Pigs, Abu Ali and the Donkeys, Jack and the Beanstalk, Wise Woman, The Little Boy Who Hated Pizza, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, George Washington and the Cherry Tree, The Short Tale of Erika P. Spunk, The Dinosaur and the Bone, A Shaggy Bedtime Story.