Cinderella Spinderella – and other tales of diversity

One summer I was telling stories to diverse audiences in Boston and disabled youngsters in Newport. I wanted a story that would connect both groups, despite their differences. Cinderella Spinderella was a perfect fit…

Cinderella-Cover-and-SeasonsWhen Mark Binder began performing Cinderella Spinderella, he had no idea that it would take a decade before the story would be released first as an award-winning ebook and more recently in softcover and hardcover illustrated editions.

PROGRAM DETAILS: 45-60 minutes • The program adapts to each grade level (K-12).

The school performance program for Cinderella Spinderella  includes performance of the story, discussion of the book process, question/answer sessions, as well as other stories and conversations.

The library performance includes more stories and songs, which differ based on the ages of the listeners.

When I tell the story, I never describe what Cinderella looks like. I hope that the listener will picture himself or herself.

In print and ebook editions, we have given the reader choices.

Ultimately, the message of Cinderella Spinderella, is the power of owning your identity. As the fairy godmother says, “It doesn’t matter how you look… what matters is who you are.”

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