Cinderella Spinderella – a program of empowerment that crosses boundaries

“Several summers ago, I was telling stories in Newport to a group of young people in wheel chairs. That same summer I was up in Boston sharing tales with young people in multicultural urban settings. I wrote Cinderella Spinderella.”
—Mark Binder

Too often the stories that we tell go unquestioned. When Mark presents his stories, he works to bring groups together to share an experience that crosses boundaries. Cinderella Spinderella has become the title story for Mark’s latest all-ages multicultural program.

This program includes stories that cross borders and break barriers. For instance, even though Cinderella is confined to a wheelchair, this neither defines nor limits her.

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  • School Presentations include spoken-word performance, discussion of the book creation process, question and answers, and more.
  • Each event is dynamic, based on the age of the group, the needs of the school/organization, and the directions that questions take.

Below is an excerpt from a live performance of Cinderella Spinderella

Notes: Mark’s stories work amazingly well for all ages. Although this story is told to urban high schoolers, you can sense their growing engagement as the story progresses. Younger students connect even sooner. Pretty awesome!

Cinderella Spinderella at Classical High School from Mark Binder on Vimeo.