Cinderella Spinderella School and Library Program

cinderella_godmother_8_14_2012_THUMB cinderella_cover_3_thumbCinderella Spinderella: From written to spoken to illustrated ebook, a narrative adventure (with stories) [Grades K-5]

My first Cinderella was in “The Bed Time Story Book”. Then, one summer I was telling stories to inner-city kids in Boston and Newport to kids in wheelchairs. I wanted to have a story that both groups could identify with, so I came up with “Cinderella Spinderella”. Recently we’ve been making it into an illustrated ebook. A combination spoken-word, written-word, question and answer program. INCLUDES school license for Cinderella eBook.

For more information and to book a program, email Beth Hellman ( or call us at (401) 272-8707