Free Stories to Read and Hear and Watch

Here are some stories for you to enjoy. From time to time there are “seasonal” or “temporary” stories that are only up for a few days, a week or a month. Send us an email and let us know what you like!
Read a little every day. Listen and watch a little too. Come see a live program!

Watermelons for freedom screenshot

Watermelons for Freedom

How I helped to end the cold war with 317 watermelons in a mine field in East Berlin […]

It Ate My Sister Book Cover

It Ate My Sister

Kids often ask, “What’s your favorite book?” I sigh and say, “That’s like asking, ‘Which of your kids […]

Ramadan Stories

When I first started performing, Ramadan fell in December — hence it’s inclusion on my album, “A Holiday Present“. […]

Foolish Jack

from “The Bed Time Story Book”  By Mark Binder… after Hans Christian Andersen There are many “Jack” tales. This […]

Casey at the Bat

Casey at the Bat

I didn’t write this. This is a baseball legend in verse by Ernest Lawrence Thayer. The fourth verse occasionally […]

I Believe in Fresh Bread

For nearly twenty years… Nearly every week… I bake. I believe in the power of fresh bread. This […]

Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions: Traditional and Original Stories

The Bat and The Weasels

The Bat and The Weasels from “Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions: The Bed Time Story Book Volume Two” […]

Chunky Matzah (April 2012)

Welcome Hello from warm, wet, cold, dry, hot and lovely Providence. The weather is changing, and so is […]