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The Ultimate Spring Book Sale

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 28! We’re hosting a book sale that coincides with the final Pawtucket […]

What values do stories have?

I always start with fun and joy, and then… Joy • Fun • Loyalty • Honesty • Thoughtfulness • […]

The Zombie Cat

Coming September 9 THE ZOMBIE CAT is a fun, funny, disgusting and exciting book. 147 pages with seven […]


I’m Mark Binder. I write and tell stories for diverse audiences of all ages. My goal? Transmit joy. […]

Sugar cubes measure what's in your food

How much sugar?

I love sugar! So does “The Little Girl Who Loved Sugar” But… did you ever wonder how much […]

Catholic School Programs

Author visits and storytelling programs that celebrate peace, joy, literacy and writing… “The  stories were both for the kids […]

Sneem! Audible! PVDFest!

This just in, I’ve been booked to perform at the Sneem Storytelling Festival from November 11-13 in Sneem, Ireland! […]

Join the Fan Club

Every so often I’ll send out news, tour information, and the occasional cool bonus bit. Join Mark’s Transmit Joy […]

The power of joyful voting

Wear your party hat at the polls! This isn’t a “vote for this candidate…” blog post… It is, however […]

Lively stories for all ages

In theaters, festivals, schools… libraries, senior centers, churches, synagogues… camps, parks and even parking lots… If you’ve never seen […]

The Stink Bomb War - Draft Cover

Stink Bomb War… back in play

Last year, while courting an agent, I started writing a piece of “middle grade” fiction with certain specifications. It […]

Ted Talk…

Why? Joy!

This TED talk helped me clarify and focus why I do what I do—Transmit Joy With Story. (Watch […]

I Believe in Fresh Bread

For nearly twenty years… Nearly every week… I bake. I believe in the power of fresh bread. This […]

Mistakes are proof that you are trying…

You have Permission

Good afternoon. Welcome parents and teachers and students. Welcome artists. Well done! You are here. Your work is […]