Awesome Fun Camp Programs

Campfire tales,  spooky stories,  tall tales and more!

With or without a fire, Mark’s stories keep campers enthralled!

• Interactive • Entertaining • Exciting • Fun • All Ages • Flexible • Funny • Energy • Enthusiasm!

What? Stories • Songs • Fun
Ages: Any and all (K-8th grade)
Program Length: 30-45 minutes
Group Size: 30-300
Age Appropriate
Locations: Indoors/Outdoors

Camp Directors invite Mark back year after year!

What kinds of stories does Mark tell? And yes, you can pick…

  • Classics like “Jack and the Beanstalk” or the “Three Pigs”
  • Original Adventures like “The Short Tale of Erika P. Spunk” or “It Ate My Sister”
  • Stories with messages like “The Wolf Cub” (sharing) or “The Boy With Bad Manners” (good manners).
  • Camp stories like “The P.I. Kid.”
  • Spooky Stories like “It was a dark and stormy night…” or “The Zombie Cat”

Want a quick quote?

Please contact us. We keep costs reasonable, but fees vary depending on your needs.

In an era of tight budgets, we want to assure you that Mark’s programs are 100% worthwhile. We offer a money-back guarantee!

Remember, if you have a particular theme for the week or summer, let Mark know and he’ll bring the stories!