Artisinal Stories, Organically Grown in Rhode Island

Looking for the perfect gift? – LAST CHANCEhope_artiste2

How about going to the Farmer’s Market to bring home some fresh and organically grown stories, books and audio recordings?

Meet the author and ask for personalized copies of “The Bed Time Story Book” or “It Ate My Sister” Get your favorite cousin “A Holiday Present” or “A Hanukkah Present.” Pick your favorite season of “Cinderella Spinderella.”

Get an exclusive advanced signed numbered copy of Mark’s soon-to-be-released, “Every Hero Has a Story!”

Books and CDs and DVDs are only $15. Shop local and support the local arts.

And remember, all art is sales tax-free!

Transmit Joy stickerLOCATION: 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket, RI in the Gail Solomon Studio (Located in the south corridor, all the way at the end on the left, across from the indoor food vendors.)

TIMES: Saturdays, December 6 and 13 from 9am to1pm.

Mention this and get a free Transmit Joy sticker!