Writing Workshops that Inspire!

Writing Workshops are awesome

“The teachers thought he did a great job getting their students motivated to write!”
—Janice Mowry, Principal, Hope Elementary School

Mark Binder’s writing workshops are amazing. In the space of a single class, he teaches a simple theory of story structure, an easy method of improvisational creativity, and gets students writing.

Where does the workshop fit in the Common Core Standards? Click here for more info

The Instant Writing and Creativity Workshop

What if anyone could sit and dash off a short narrative? You don’t need to struggle over every word or idea. This workshop will give you access to your instant imagination in a way that you never thought was possible. (Programs for grades 3-5, middle school, high school and adults)

Don’t struggle — create. This is Mark’s revolutionary writing workshop.
Hands on and energetic! Participants will create characters, set a scene, unfold a plot. Every single participant will begin to craft a complete story.

This workshop teaches:

Mark will also:

  • Tell stories as examples
  • Discuss and distinguish the differences between the written and oral traditions
  • Answer questions
  • Provide coaching and support
  • Explain how structure applies to non-fiction essays

“What a terrific challenge. More than I expected!”
“This was the ‘seed’ I needed to help push me to start my own stories. Thanks so much!”
– Feedback from adult workshop presented at “Sharing The Fire”


To read an article in the Cranston Herald about the workshop, please click here

Sample Writing Workshop Residency Schedule for elementary or middle schools

  • 8:45-9:45 – Assembly with all classes to outline and teach methodology
  • 10am – in classroom writing practice, modeling and coaching
  • 11am – in classroom writing practice, modeling and coaching
  • 1pm – in classroom writing practice, modeling and coaching
  • 2pm – in classroom writing practice, modeling and coaching

Note: This schedule would be adjusted based on school bell timings.