Current Programs

Pick a program. Click the image for more info. If there’s not a program you want here, we’re happy to create one for you. These are largely the “school-based” programs, although most will work in other settings. Mark’s got plenty more ways to arrange a set…

Author Visits that Transmit Joy

Students love hearing stories and learning about the written word, spoken word, and then they ask so many questions! Because […]

Writing Workshops are awesome

Writing Workshops that Inspire!

“The teachers thought he did a great job getting their students motivated to write!” —Janice Mowry, Principal, Hope […]

The Art of Joy and Harmony

How can we help children, families and adults resolve conflicts? These are stories that teach peace, inspire harmony and transmit […]

Eureka! STEM Stories

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math all belong in stories How can we transmit the joy of that “Eureka!” moment when […]

A Holiday Present - Album Audio Book Cover

A Multicultural Holiday Present

Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Diwali, Solstice and the New Years…  for schools families and groups of any and all […]

The Brothers Schlemiel Book Cover - illustration "The Blue House" by Marc Chagal

Life in Chelm—and other Jewish Stories

What kind of stories can connect generations and transmit joy? Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Chabad, Unaffiliated, Blended… “Mark Binder is […]