Middle School assemblies and workshops…

I found Mr. Binder professional, responsive and flexible. He helped us tailor a day of activities that specifically addressed our building needs and curriculum goals. He devoted the entire school day to our students, only taking a thirty minute break for lunch. Without a doubt, we ‘got our money’s worth.’
—Durgee Junior High School

Mark knows how to hook the attention of young people in middle and high schools, and keep them engaged. His lessons and stories are designed to get under their radar, and invite them to participate. Students (and teacher) listen with smiles on their faces, and are always eager to hear more.

Author Visits and Storytelling Programs


The pure pleasure of spoken word and tall tales. A combination of literature and theater and teaching, these programs connect students with the joy of story. Includes mini-lessons on creativity and editing plus Q&A.

Programs include: It Ate My Sister (and other Family Stories) • Spooky Stories — Comedy with an edge (appropriate for schools) • Fools and Wisefolk • Tall Tales

Audience size: classroom to assembly.

The Instant Story Writing Workshop


Mark Binder teaches a method that produces amazing results in an incredibly short period of time.
“His writing and story making workshops are truly revolutionary. In less than two hours, he can teach a methodology for creating whole stories, and call the students to actually write and tell their own tales.”

All students must have desks or tables

The Art of Harmony


How can we defuse situations in our lives? Is it possible to create harmony? What can we do to center ourselves?
Based on more than 20 years experience in the martial arts, Mark has developed a (nonviolent!) series of stories, exercises and conversations that will help students understand the source of conflict, and ways to resolve them.

Audience size: classroom to assembly.

Video Samples

It Ate My Sister…

Watermelons for Freedom

A vampire western

Cinderella Spinderella

Mark’s Books for Middle School include…

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