Awesome Fun Camp Programs

Kids in camp… listen and laugh.

Why do Camp Directors invite Mark back year after year?

“We truly enjoyed his time here and the kids absolutely loved him! He was the best “outside” program at camp this summer!”
—James Reinhold, Director Hale Reservation Day CampDSC_0868“Mark was very interesting and kept the kids attention. He’s reliable too—what every camp director would like to have.”
-Jason Licciardi, Program Supervisor, Coventry Parks and Recreation

Mark’s Comedy Storytelling programs for camps and campers are fun, funny, exciting, entertaining and excellent!

  • Campfire Tales
  • Spooky Stories
  • Silly Stories and Tall Tales
  • It Ate My Sister and other Family Stories
  • Summer Reading Encouragement
  • Tales from Our Green Outdoors
  • Gross Slimy and Disgusting
  • Story Telling and Story Writing Workshops
  • Stories for Peace (resolving conflict)

Mark’s performances work with groups of all sizes,  all ages and all abilities.

Yes, they listen!

Amazing sound system(s)!
Mark has a superior Bose interior sound system that allows his performances to be heard by everyone (even in a gym or barn), as well as a smaller battery-powered amp for smaller groups, outdoors or around the campfire.

Now scheduling for the upcoming summer season!