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Mark Binder

Programs that inspire listening, encourage reading and teach the power of writing.

“A gift for humor—both broad and subtle—Binder captivates.”
–Publishers Weekly

Mark Binder "I collected a jar full of slugs…" (photo by Paul Porter)

In the space of an hour, young people are enraptured, adults are engaged…

Yes, Science and Technology, Math and Engineering are important, but why?

The stories we hear and write and tell define our world. They give us meaning and purpose and direction. They’re also lots of fun.

With decades of experience in classrooms, libraries, theaters and community centers, Mark Binder knows how to hook and hold every audience. His storytelling links language and learning while connecting with curriculum.

“Mark Binder is a master at spinning old tales and everyday events linked to childhood into storytelling gold.”2016 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal for Audio Storytelling

“The stories are clever, with touches of humor that only adults will catch.”School Library Journal

“This is generally a tough crowd, but lucky for us, the storyteller was Mr. Binder. He engaged the students in his dynamic way, telling funny stories using his dramatic voice and expressive body language. To say the students were hooked is an understatement! He also took time for questions and was very honest with the students about his craft and made it easy to take the modeling he did as a presenter back to the classroom to motivate the students to write their own stories. We would love to have him back!” —American School in Paris, Middle School