How do we…

Connect… learn… grow… engage… understand… pass on knowledge… entertain ourselves… teach our children… share our experiences?

Stories transmit joy.

Mark Binder writes and tells awesome stories you will enjoy

Reading or hearing in person—at festivals, theaters, schools, libraries, community centers, bookstores, synagogues and churches…

Mark Binder - Looking Up!In books and ebooks and audio books—at home or in the car…

“The stories are clever, with touches of humor that only adults will catch.”

—School Library Journal

Mark Binder performs -- looking rightWhether you’re a child or adult, read or listen, or see Mark on tour, you’ll smile, laugh, learn something, and enjoy yourself.

“A gift for humor—both broad and subtle—Binder captivates.”

—Publishers Weekly

Coming in September 2016… an audio book!

Transmit Joy! an awesome (audio) storybook - front cover

Exclusive: If you preorder*, you can get the audio book as an mp3 or limited-edition signed audio book (or both!) on or before the official release date.

*Available after 9/16/16 on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music, and CD.

Educational • Engaging • Excellent!

Mark’s stories inspire student writing!

Classic and Original